Fireplace feelings

Bring on the fall. We’re in desperate need of some positive change. It’s been a rough couple weeks in the Kimmerling household.

Ivy’s blood pressure was way too high for her to get cleared for fall sports so we began a medical cat and mouse chase to find the cause. Results? She’s got kidney abnormalities that caused damage that caused high blood pressure. She’ll be on medication for the rest of her life. Lord have mercy. Jesus have mercy.

Skylar made a poor decision which resulted in her loosing the team spot on her favorite sport. Which was devastating for her teen brain (and her peers are really cruel). Positives: 1. I have raised a child that will tell the truth to authorities. 2. She will learn a meaningful life lesson salted with humility. 3. I’m so proud how she has handled it. It still sucks (for all of us)- and I wish there was a measure of grace given for teenage screw ups but “your will, not mine be done.” Lord have mercy. Jesus have mercy.

Personally, I’m emotionally exhausted with all this drama. So sitting with my favorite cup of Joe and watching my glowing fireplace on this crisp morning is all I can do right now and hope that fall brings something positive. Lord have mercy. Jesus have mercy.

Before living room (upon closing)

After painting the ceiling, spackling, texture and walls, we started on the fireplace. This began over the COVID-19 spring break “month”…

We bought the PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace from Amazon. I love the remote feature and that it doesn’t have to put out heat when you just want the ambience.

After taping out the general dimensions of the fire place and tv mount, Eric got busy on building the frame based upon this blog…

I decided the doors from the living areas needed something extra…
And the old electrical outlets needed to go away too… then we added the new baseboards.

We ordered shiplap from Home Depot (Krosswood Doors 0 .472 in. x 5.5 in. x 96 in. Primed MDF Shiplap Interior Siding (8-Pack) and it was pretty simple installation.

We made sure the tv was properly mounted and the cords ran to the closet before we finished the top and trim.

The floating mantel we made from board stained espresso following this guide:

With love, DK

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